Thursday, November 8, 2007

I joined this KAL a while back when it first formed, but have only got around to casting on my Bee Fields a few weeks ago. Then I posted to my blog, but forgot to post to the KAL blog.

So my Bee Fields about now about half way through the swarm section and I am just getting around to posting here. I love the pattern, the yarn (Claudia's Hand Painted Silk Lace), the whole project. We've only had a couple bumps, pretty much due to my total inability to set up the swarm section in a moving car. Once I got over that issue, it's been full speed ahead.


Susan said...

You give me hope that I too will get to this project. Funny how life gets in the way of our plans. Yours looks great!
Susan in NJ

annmarie said...

As you know, I only just finished mine recently and I'm the one who started the KAL! Life *does* tend to get in the way of dedicated knitting time, but then this KAL was never intended to be a race to the finish. :) Your shawl is looking lovely and the yarn is a beautiful choice!