Wednesday, April 16, 2008


BeeFields done:-)
I signed up for this KAL quite some time ago, but haven't done more than following everyone's progress, drooling over the beautiful shawls you've all made. Then AnnMarie "threatened" to close the blog, and that gave me the push I needed to start this.
It's knitted in RørosLamullgarn ,100% wool, 50gr=250m,colour #48, (a dark red/plum) knitted with Knitpicks options circular needles, 4mm (they can also be bought here if you are in the area...)
Started on April 2nd 2008, finished on April 14th,2008. I followed the charts, becaus I find it easier to see the pattern in a chart than just written. It worked out fine. The shawl is bigger than intended...2.3m along top edge, and 1.15m from neck to bottom point. It's definitely not a tv-knit...but not as difficult as I imagined when I first got the pattern-lol-all those pages nearly freaked me out:-)
More details on my blog.

Thank you, AnnMarie, for hosting this KAL. It has been great fun following
the knitting, and seeing all the pretty yarns you've used.
Take care, and have fun knitting:-)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

plans for the blog

My reason for considering removing the blog was the real decrease in activity here. I use Sitemeter to monitor the amount of traffic and, even considering the number of readers who stop by without posting or commenting, things have been very slow here for months.

As the blog administrator, I feel a responsibility to keep an eye on things. As the person who started this, with the blessings of the designer, I also feel a responsibility to respond to questions and comments, so I try to check in at least every other day.

I would like to keep this blog going as a resource for those who are knitting or planning to knit any of Anne Hanson's 'bee'-themed items, so I won't delete the whole blog but I've made a change in the settings.

I've set the blog so that only members can comment, so I don't expect that we'll be getting any more questionable comments that I'll have to delete. And I will ask that any posts be related to the 'bee' designs. Most of us have blogs or web pages of our own and we can go wild there with off-topic stuff. :)

Like a lot of others, I still haven't knitted all three of the designs. After finishing the shawl months ago, I turned my needles to other projects and finished up a ton of UFOs and WIPs. I'm looking forward to the end of the school year and weeks of downtime. Summer for me has always been prime knitting time and I'm looking forward to finally knitting the Marie Antoinette socks and overdyeing the yarn for the Honeybee stole.

So...knit on and blog on! :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

all good things must end?

When I started this knitalong blog last summer, I said that there was no official start date or end date for the KAL. I promised that I would keep it going as long as there was sufficient interest in keeping it alive. Given that there've only been a handful of posts since the beginning of this year (and several of those have been mine), I think that maybe it's time to de-activate the blog.
I'll keep it going for another few weeks to give everyone time to copy out any posts or information that they would like to keep for future reference, but, unless I hear from a swarm of you that you would like to see the blog continue, I'll just delete the whole blog by the end of April.
It's been fun and I think we really did help each other through the knitting and cheered each other's accomplishments. I want to thank you all for being a part of this! :)