Sunday, December 30, 2007

A finished Bee Fields Shawl

At last I've finished my shawl, four months in the knitting.

The yarn's from Wooly Wonka Fibers and was a pleasure to knit with.

More photos on my blog.

I'm on ravelry as dawn

Monday, December 24, 2007

as the year winds down

I'd like to wish everyone a peaceful end of the year and a very happy and 'knitterly' new year! :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Beatrice is complete

I finally and happily finished my bee shawl which I named Beatrice. I am so thrilled with the finished knit.
The shawl was an amazing learning experience and I am certainly looking forward to my next Knitspot shawl!

ETA: I have had several request for what yarn I used. Thank you!
I actually used my own hand dyed Sweet Lace in the Rose Hill Colourway that is currently a custom dye request colourway.

Bee in Field

I sort of work on this project in spurts. This time it was my plane knitting to and from my parent's house for Thanksgiving. I got the first 3 bees done. The photo shows 10, so I guess I must be getting close to the end.

I'm finding this section to be easier than the others, mainly because there is very little to do on wrong side rows, and even the right side rows are more logical than the bee section, at least to me. Besides, this pattern is my favorite of the 3 sections.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

for all who observe it

have a lovely Thanksgiving. :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Through the Swarm

Hi All! I'm still diligently knitting along. I've made it through the swarm. I'm seriously considering doing the petite as I'm really short and it appears shrinking. I'm probably 5'2 and 3/4" in the morning and shrinking throughout the day. Has anyone else done the petite yet and been happy (or not) with that choice? I just want to wear the shawl and not have it wear me. :) My only reservation is that it will throw off the beautiful symmetry of the three sections.
~Madame Purl

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I joined this KAL a while back when it first formed, but have only got around to casting on my Bee Fields a few weeks ago. Then I posted to my blog, but forgot to post to the KAL blog.

So my Bee Fields about now about half way through the swarm section and I am just getting around to posting here. I love the pattern, the yarn (Claudia's Hand Painted Silk Lace), the whole project. We've only had a couple bumps, pretty much due to my total inability to set up the swarm section in a moving car. Once I got over that issue, it's been full speed ahead.

Friday, November 2, 2007

shawl models in short supply

I finished knitting the shawl last Friday and blocked it on Saturday, but late work hours have kept me from getting to the park for a lovely outdoor shot, so I resorted to the brass hooks on the back of the double doors and just hung the 'bee' as nicely as I could.

And here's a bit of detail ~

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Oregon Red Clover Honey

On to the swarm

I've been working diligently on my bee for the last week or so, and now I'm just finished with the first repeat of the bee swarm. I just love this pattern! I have to say, though, that these rows are taking forever. I'm hoping to finish it before January, when 2 new mystery shawls are starting (I signed up for both. Not sure what I was thinking...)

This picture isn't that great, but it's the best I could get with my camera yesterday. It's prettier in real life, promise:)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Just wanted to post a quick Hello. My name is Christine and Im just now getting into shawls, stoles and everything "big." I've been admiring everyone's beautiful Bee's and had to join. I need to commit to knitting otherwise my Christmas gift list will NEVER get done.

Im excited to get started!

Thanks for letting me join, Annmarie!


Saturday, October 27, 2007

off the needles and ready for blocking

I finished knitting my bee fields shawl last night and will be blocking it today. It's raining cats and dogs here in NYC so it will probably take hours to dry. I'll post a photo as soon as I can take it outdoors for a nice 'autumnal' shot. :)
This shawl was a pleasure to knit, but I did find it more pleasurable to work on when I didn't try to knit on it at the end of a long and tiring work day, especially the last sections with the multiple yarnover bee motif. These fairly flew off the needles when I was well-rested but seemed very tedious to me when I was tired.
I had hoped to finish it in time to wear to Rhinebeck, but that didn't happen. I knew that the designer, Anne Hanson, would be at Rhinebeck and was hoping to show off my own 'bee'. I did run into Anne as I was leaving the fairgrounds on Sunday afternoon and we had a nice little visit. She admired the shawl I was wearing, Summer in Kansas from Two Old Bags, and we talked about knitted-on edgings and such for a while. She's lovely and it was very nice to meet her face to face after corresponding with her by email.
The yarn I'd originally ordered for the shawl, Wooly Wonka's Buckwheat Honey, has been saved for the Honeybee Stole which I'll start as soon as I get caught up a bit more on other projects. After living with this yarn since August, though, I'm thinking that I'll probably overdye it with a smidgen of Logwood Grey from Earthues Dyes to tone down its brightness just a bit. Although it's a lovely yarn, I don't usually wear such bright colors and think I'll get more use out of the stole in a color a bit more subdued.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Baby Steps

Although I joined this KAL some weeks ago, I didn't want to start a new project until my old ones were done. Well, the old ones are not quite done, but I plunged into Bee Fields this week anyway.

I am using the stash yarn shown, and it seems that I need to knit on size 3 (US) needles. After swatching with different sizes, I looked closely at your pictures and decided that this yarn on size 3s would be best--and it is close to the suggested gauge, but not exact.

I'll be done with the set-up rows tonight and then on to the first section. My winglettes seem a bit small, but I'm expecting they'll be more obvious when blocked.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Half Way

The first half of my stole is finished. I couldn't resist blocking it so I could really see what it looks like.

With the first half successfully completed, I anticipate no problems with the second half. Now I need to get busy and finish spinning that second package of Black Rainbow Glitter from Aurelia.

Here's a little close-up of a modification I am doing. I'm adding beads to the side and end edges. They are the "oil slick" colour, I think referred to as "dark aurora borealis", and they match the glitter in the handspun perfectly.

Also, instead of the "bind off loosely in knit" I'm using a great bind-off I learned when doing the Swallowtail Shawl. It makes for a very stretchy yet tidy edge.

K2, *transfer the 2 stitches on the right needle back to the left needle and then K2tog through the back loop. K1 and repeat from* around.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bee and Honeycomb

I'm well into the bee and honeycomb section now.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I'm hoping I'll have the time to completely finish this half of the stole before I have to put it down again. I'm allowing myself a few days working on it and then it's back to projects with looming deadlines again.

Monday, October 15, 2007

bee in field section 1

I should be finished with the Bee in Field Section 1 this evening and hope to get started on Section 2. I'm trying to have this shawl finished so that I can wear it at Rhinebeck. I've been sidetracked in my knitting by that pesky day job and by some other knitting projects that I'm working on. Here's a rumply, and a bit unfocused, shot of my bee.

All bunched up like this, those bees are looking more like spiders!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Last Row in the Bee & Honeycomb Section

I have a question with the last Row 6 in the Honeycomb section. Perhaps it's my print off, but I'm unsure of what to repeat during the middle section.

Do I repeat: p8, (p2tog) 9 times? Or do I just repeat the (p2tog) 9 times?

I know you all will have the answer. I'm excited, because this means I'm almost done with the first half of the stole!


Making progress!

I've done work on my Honey Bee stole, I've done only one repeat so far but it's looking very nice if I do say so myself.

I've put it aside for a few days while I work on my other stole, which is the "Secret of the Stole". They are both quite different. The "Secret of the Stole" is quite a bit easier than the Honey Bee stole.

I'm a glutton for punishment I working on 2 lace stoles at once and me who has never even done lace!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chart reading trouble

I had cast on a couple of weeks ago for the triangular version of this shawl and then tried to start going on the chart for the setup section.

I am having trouble reconciling the written instructions with the charted ones. Just on row one alone it looks like:

Written Row 1(1st 6 instructions-row1-WS)=k1, p3, k2

Chart Row 1(1st 6 instructions-row1-WS)=No Stitch 2, k1, p3

Can anyone help me and let me know what I am doing (or how I am reading this) wrong? I am not an experienced lace knitter, but I did finish the MS3 using the chart only. I guess I got a little cocky.

I can see by all the lovely shawls out there that it is definitely something going on with me and not with the pattern.

Any help at all would be very, very gratefully accepted!

Thank you so much!
Connie in Palo Alto

Monday, October 8, 2007

Through the Swarm

The second chart is done. I'm through the "swarm" section of the first half of the Honeybee Stole.

Here's a closer look at that (unblocked) section.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Here I Come

Honybee correct

I finally made it to the Bee & Honeycomb section! I've really been looking forward to this part of the stole. That was until I was taking pictures. I won't post the ugliness here. I couldn't do that to the others. Right now, I'm just going to assume that no one will ever notice. Now if I can just keep my mouth shut...

Just a little while longer & then I can move onto Part 2!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Problem solved!

I'm happy to report that my knitting problem has been solved! I've had advice from Marlene and Annmarie and it helped a LOT!

Here's proof:

Now I can get started on my lace project, again!


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Springtime shawl finished in time for fall!

The color of this shawl makes me think of spring. It is the color of the new leaves as they first come out on the trees in the Northeast, and it is the color that cheers us with the knowledge that winter is over and summer is on its way. (The color is actually lighter than it looks in this photo.)

This was probably the most challenging lace project I have ever undertaken, but because of Anne's clear instructions and excellent charts (after I blew them up enough to be able to read them) it wasn't as difficult as it appeared at first.

Here are a few tips for anyone just starting the Bee Fields Shawl:
  • Be generous with stitch markers, whether you use pretty ones or the cheapo plastic variety or slices of drinking straws
  • Use the needles with the sharpest tips you can find, especially for the Bees in Field section. I used Addi Lace Needles and can't imagine having done it without them.
  • Follow Anne's instructions even when they don't seem to make any sense at all. She knows what she's doing.
  • Lifelines are probably a good idea (though I didn't use them because there was no plain K or plain P row to weave the lifeline through)
Thank you Anne for your wonderful pattern!

(There is a little more info on my blog.)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Close Up of Edging

Here's a close-up view of my edging, (row 3 just completed, right side of work facing) for anyone who is having difficulty. The "cast on 2 using backwards loop, cast off 2 on next row" should be forming little bumps along the side, or "winglets" as Ann is calling them.

Just before the first marker there should be a vertical ladder of eyelets, commonly called "faggoting".

Yarn overs should slant from right to left. Here is a link to a video showing correct formation of YOs. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the little video camera icon. Pink is for Continental knitters, blue for English style knitters.

In this photo the first stitch is the one remaining on the right hand needle after completing the "cast off 2 sts". The second stitch is a YO. The third is the completed double decrease. Fourth is another YO. 2 knit stitches and then a k2tog.

For anyone who is interested in my bead placement; I use a crochet hook to place a bead on the third stitch of row 2 of the edging, and then I purl the stitch. This centers the bead in the diamond that forms along the edging. If you are using the graph, mark a "B" for bead placement in the row directly below the double decrease. Of course I have a corresponding bead on the other end of the row too.



Monday, October 1, 2007

I need help already!

Hello everyone! I just started my Honey Bee stole yesterday. This is my very first lace project.
It's easier than I thought it would be! which is a good thing!

Hopefully I can explain this right. The problem I have I when I have to knit a stitch that was a yarn over on the previous row, it doesn't turn out right I can tell by looking at the picture and looking at my work.

I also seem to lose a stitch somewhere at either beginning, I count and check and recheck but the stitch disappears! A

Any advice???

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Progress Photo

100 rows done and another 100 to go before there is a stitch pattern change.

I'm managing about 20 rows per day.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

New here!

Hi! I just joined this KAL a few days ago, and I'm so excited, I didn't know if it would be too late or not. I have been watching everyone else's bees in progress, they're gorgeous! I just started on mine a few days ago, and haven't gotten very far yet. I dyed this yarn myself from some I had in my stash. It's extremely fine, so I'm using size 3 needles. Maybe I'll end up adding a repeat or so at the end to make it bigger, but we'll see. I also ordered a knitpicks options needles to work this on, but I started on straights for now. There's a little more information about the yarn I'm using on my blog.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Here

Hi, I'm Marlene (aka the blogger "Wovenflame"), and I love knitting lace.

I'm just starting the Honeybee Stole in my own handspun, laceweight "halfbred". I purchased the 'top' from Aurelia, in the "Black Rainbow Glitter" colourway.

I had a little trouble getting started, but once, twice, third time is the charm. I'm up to row 28 now.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The red at the top (from this perspective) is just my provisional cast on. The green blips at the bottom are snippets of plastic straw I use for stitch markers. I'm adding beads to the edges of the stole, but they aren't visible in this photo.

Thanks Kaylen, for the use of your flannel "burp cloth". It makes a great lap cloth so that I can see the black stitches a little better. It works great when I'm spinning black too.


Saturday, September 22, 2007 heart is broken ...

... because having got halfway up my shawl, i have lost it on a train in Berlin!! so now i shall have to get more yarn, wind it, and start again. and i cannot even be sure that if someone finds it they will know what to do with it, as in finish it off in some way or other, or unwind the yarn and knit it into something else, or something. i mean, i wouldn't mind so much if i thought it would come in useful in some way or other ... as it is, i feel distraught and almost dismembered ... :(((

p2 tog tbl - help please

Hello All, I am a new member of the Bee Fields KAL. I have a question about an instruction I have never used before. P2 tbl. When I googled this I found that there were 2 different methods of doing it. One was just putting needle from right to left thru the back loops wrapping yarn and making the decrease. The other was putting needle from left to right thru the back loops and making the decrease. It seemed to me that the first direction was really a K2 tbl.

If anyone could let me know how they did this, I would appreciate the help, thanks Gail

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Look what came in the mail!!!

Hello everyone, I finally received my Honeybee Stole kit! First thing I have to do in turn that hank in a ball, that should be fun!?

I can't wait to get started with this project. I really enjoy looking at the different colors that people have chosen.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I am so excited to join this KAL!! I have my yarn - It is the tupelo gold color way from Wooly Wonka and I can't wait to start!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Seeing Beeeeeees

Is anyone having trouble reading the charts like I am? Both the lines and symbols do not seem clear enough for me to see without really straining my eyes, especially the chart for Bee in Field section 1. I ordered hard copies from Anne hoping it was just my printer, but I don't think hers are much better. Normally, I love to use charts but these seem just too tough. Any ides, suggestions, tips or advice? Help! I love the pattern and want to enjoy this knit.

paying for my folly

I should have known better than to try to work on my 'bee' late in the evening after a full day of teaching, preparing lessons and materials after school, then coming home to cook supper and take the dog for his long walk. In dealing with a very, very small mistake, quickly and easily fixed under ordinary circumstances, I created a mess that required ripping back three rows of knitting. And I was almost to the end of the Bee Swarm section! Waaah!!! Fortunately for me, I have a four day weekend as the schools here are closed for Rosh Hashanah. In addition to getting caught back up to where I was, I'm hoping to make some headway into the Bee in Field section. Not to mention getting some rest - sleep being constantly interrupted by abovementioned dog who is missing his buddy, my son who is now back at college.
Happy update: I'm not only all caught up to where I was when I created the "mess", I've knitted a few rows beyond that point. Hooray for peaceful days at home. :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Finagling the join on the stole

Anne posted today about fussing with the join of the HoneyBee Stole, fussing made necessary by the fact that the provisional cast-on makes the pattern off by half a stitch when the stitches are picked up and knit in the opposite direction. I tried at first to overlook this small mismatch but after a few rows, it began to bug me so I frogged back to the join and also finagled a solution to make it line up.


I have been dutifully preparing to knit my Bees. I've finished several objects, and wound my Bee yarn. Last night I sat down to incorporate the corrections into my pattern, and then cast on. Sigh - so many corrections, I ended up starring the rows and marking them "see correction".

I'm an experienced knitter, and have knit a number of lace shawls, but reading the pages and pages of Bee Fields was daunting. It will just have to "season" some more before I tackle all that.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Knitting gymnastics

I really feel like I am doing gymnastics when I am knitting this shawl. It involves doing physically impossible things, twisting into ridiculous contortions, having to have faith that in the end you will be both intact and happy with the result. The first time I had this feeling was with the p2tog tbl in the bee swarm section. In fact, when I encounter that symbol in the chart, I read it as "backbend." I think I am doing it correctly, because that section does look swarm-ish. Thank you, Ann, for your explicit instructions on how to do it.

Little did I know what was waiting for me in the Bee in Fields section! When I first read the description of the Bee Panel section I was totally bewildered. The only way to do it was just to plunge right in and assume that Anne knew what she was doing. I have now completed the first repeat if this section, and they do in fact look like bees. (Maybe it's not so obvious in the photo, but stretched out it looks much better.)

In general I am finding this pattern difficult but exhilarating to knit. Maybe that is how real gymnasts feel.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekend knitting

I spent a little time with the Bee on the weekend. She is about an inch into the second section and I am still really enjoying knitting this shawl
As you can tell she is a bit squished on the needles, but as this is my first shawl I have no intention of taking it off the needles to get a good picture...just in case.
Hopefully I can finish her this month and give you all a nice FO photo!

Honeybee Stole -- halfway mark

I finished the first half of the Honeybee Stole Friday and as soon as I wind the other skein of yarn, I'll get going on the second half. Like all unblocked lace, it doesn't look like much so far but I am happy with it.

I added gold beads to the bees in the bee swarm section to suggest honey.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Finally started Yippey

Hi all,

Wish y'all a Happy Labor Day. Well Friday came I my hubby game the the card to get both patterns. Well I cast on for the Bee fields with the lace weight merino I have from Yarntreehouse. Well that got frogged after row 3 of the swatching. It is thinner tha nthe zephyr, so I am using 2 strands but I think I just might have to order another heavier yarn maybe. I do have a question I have not learned how to do the back loop cast on is it hard?
I need to zip I have veggies marinating and lamb I am getting ready to prepare for tomorrow. So I guess I will knit on the Forest Canopy for a bit and then get moving on the tote I am making for an exchange. I just love to knit. I also strted today a one-skein wonder pattern from Stephanie Japel. I am making the shrug for my friend Lina who lives in the Netherlands. Have a great long weekend and an good week all.

Cheryl ~ TX

Bee Hives!

I am loving this shawl! I'm doing the triangular Bee Fields and I'm using the laceweight wool from with size 5US/3.75mm needles. The yarn is soft to the touch and gives just the right amount of stitch definition. The needles provide just enough drag and the tips are wonderful for working all the various decreases.

I finished the Bee Hive portion of the shawl last night and I'm really looking forward to doing The Swarm today. I really should be working on some other projects I have going, but I just can't seem to put this one down. :-)

the Akamai Knitter

Better Buzzing Bees

After ripping out six rows of bad bees last week, I've got a better batch of buzzing bees:

The Swarm 090107

I'm about 2/3 through the first repeat of the swarm, and although the rows are starting to feel really long, I'm enjoying seeing the bees pop up!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pic of my wip beefields shawl

Here is a pic of my BeeFields Shawl that is being done in my handspun lace weight merino yarn. Looks like I'll have to practice with the camera a little bit to get a better pic.

shaking up the sidebar

I've reconfigured the sidebar to put a link to the errata page on Anne Hanson's website in a more visible place. I've created a category for Corrections to the Patterns that is now right below the Where to Buy the Patterns category. The last correction that Anne posted was on 8/26 and this was for the shawl. So far, there's been no word from Anne about corrections to the stole pattern.
I'd like to encourage everyone to check the errata page every now and then, especially just before you move on to a new section.
Judging by how much my teaching job has already impacted on my knitting time, I may not be able to check in on things as often as I've been doing. I'll be relying on you guys to post if you see an update on the corrections that I haven't gotten to yet. :)

Thanks for the invitation, Annmarie

Hi everyone,
I just got my invitation to join this morning and couldn't wait to post. My name is Robert and I have finished 3 repeats of the beehive section of the shawl. What an interesting pattern!! There are four of us here in Portland Oregon who are knitting the shawl. We are all using my lace weight handspun, handpainted yarns, each in different colorways (pink, grey, green and I can't remember the fourth). I am going to try to post a pic later, but just got a new camera and I'm still figuring it out.


Friday, August 31, 2007

Done..the first section

I am so thrilled to be done the first section and moving on to the swarm. I really love this pattern and knitting it is a lot of fun. As this is my first shawl I am really looking forward to blocking it and wearing it for the first time.
I hope to have progress pictures of the swarm section for you on Tuesday. I made sure to insert a life line after I finished up and moved on. I am NOT going back for anything!
Hope your last long weekend is sweet as honey!
Top Design!

What a fabulous design! I do plan on knitting another one in Jaggerspun Zephyr. I loved knitting every stitch!

My finished measurement is 74” X 38”. I didn’t vigorously block it since my handspun had a few issues, i.e., some really thinner yarn in spots and didn’t want to take a chance it would pop. Overall, I am very happy with it and think my daughter will love it! Her birthday is in September. Hope to post a picture of her modeling it shortly thereafter.

Late Start for a New Bee

Hi. I won't be able to start Bee Fields for another month or two. Anyone else planning to start on this real late? I'm fairly new to lace, and I'm hoping that this KAL will still be buzzing so I can get some help. :-)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sleeping Bees

I am excited to get started. Just trying to finish up with my kidsilk haze print o'the wave shawl before I buzz with the bees. My beautiful buckwheat honey arrived a few days ago and is waiting more patiently to join in than I am.

I've been Swarmed

I made it through the beehive section over the weekend, and had some problems starting up the swarm--see photos here. I ripped out seven rows (I'm not sure why I believed they looked fine up to that point), and am now just about where I was before ripping. It looks much better now. I did not put in a lifeline, but I know that I should.

Who out there is using a lifeline? Have you had to use it?

Starting my HoneyBee Stole

First of all, I'd like thank everyone for their wonderful comments on the Bee Fields Shawl I finished yesterday. It definitely was an accomplishment for me and I'm very proud of it.
I'd like to clarify though that I used a fingering weight and is why it came out so large.
I'm going to be using this lace weight from Blue Moon in the Red Clover Honey color for the Stole. No thoughts of over dyeing on this one!! And I'm going to put it on the needles as soon as I finish this post. HERE WE GO AGAIN!!

Honeybee Stole errata?

Is there errata connected with the Stole? Thanks all! ~Suzy

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Bee Fields is finished!

OK. I admit it. I'm amazed with myself! The pattern is so gorgeous but I'm pretty sure I'm going to overdye this in a color yet unknown. I'll have to experiment with the leftover yarn I have to see how this takes color on top of the green. If it wasn't such a yellow green I'd be happier.
It's also very large! Measures 82" by 46". I put it on thinking it would look better on an Amazon (I'm 5'3") but, it actually looks pretty good. I'm ok with the size.
I used a fingering weight of 220yards per 50gm and used about 5 1/2 skeins. So? about 1200+ yards and knit on Addi Lace #6
Now, to decide what I want to knit next! Maybe, I'll jump right in and do the Stole.

Monday, August 27, 2007

On The Edge :)

Yup ... I'm on the edge right now :) I've changed the shawl a little bit ... added two more rows of bee hives and now the bottom edge is getting the same treatment as the top edge of the shawl :) I'm about 1/4 done the edging! it's slow going but should be done this week :)

errata update as of 8/26/07

This from Anne Hanson:


page 16, Hem Border, rows 5 and 11 have a small omission (correction in bold)

R5: k6, yo, k2tog, SM, [yo, k2tog, drop 4yo, CO4, (PU4 bars k1), yo, (PU4 bars k1), CO4, ssk, p2, p3tog, p4, yo, p1, yo, p6, SM, *k2tog, drop 4yo, CO4, (PU4 bars k1), yo, (PU4 bars k1), CO4, ssk, p2, p3tog, p4, yo, p1, yo, p6* repeat from * to next marker, SM, k2tog, drop 4yo, CO4, (PU4 bars k1), yo, (PU4 bars k1), CO4, ssk, yo, SM], k1, SM, repeat between brackets, k2, yo, k2tog, k4

R11: BO2, k1, yo, sl1 k2tog psso, yo, k2, yo, k2tog, SM, [yo, k3, k2tog, drop 4yo, CO4, (PU4 bars k1), yo, (PU4 bars k1), CO4, ssk, k1, (yo, k2tog) 7 times, k1, *k2tog, drop 4yo, CO4, (PU4 bars k1), yo, (PU4 bars k1), CO4, ssk, k1, (yo, k2tog) 7 times, k1* repeat from * to next marker, SM, k2tog, drop 4yo, CO4, (PU4 bars k1), yo, (PU4 bars k1), CO4, ssk, k3, yo, SM], k1, SM, repeat between brackets, k2, yo, k2tog, yo, sl1 k2tog psso, yo, k1, CO2

Friday, August 24, 2007

Waiting anxiously!

Hello everyone! I ordered my Bee Field's stole kit from Wooly Wonka, I chose the Buckwheat Honey colorway. I should receive it within 2-3 weeks, hopefully sooner!

This is my first try at lace knitting and I can't wait to get started!

I'm very happy to join this group!

Knitting vicariously.........

Yeah, I'm knitting on the throw for my brother's wedding, so I am checking in to the knit-along to get my fix of the bee. I'm only allowed to knit on the bee after finishing the goal # of rows that I've set for the night in order to finish on time. The trouble is, after I've knitted my goal on the throw I'm too tired for the bee..... The throw has to be done by next Thursday, so I will pop back in after Labor Day weekend. Lovely work you little worker bees......

back in a few...

I'll be away for a couple of days to take my son back to college. As the driver on road trips, I don't get any knitting done while actually on the road, but I hope to make some progress on the 'bee'. I'm working on the second repeat of the Bee Swarm section and am finding it very helpful to have markers for every 12-stitch repeat in addition to the markers at the center and the edges of the shawl!

Image that accompanies this post is from here.

Hi from Swizerland

Hello from Switzerland. I am Stellie. I have just started the BeeFields shawl which will be my second shawl. Not an easy one but I like challenge. I am knitting the Tupelo Gold of Wooly Wonka Fiber. I am glad to join you. Have a nice day.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

sources for kits

I've added a category to the sidebar that gives the links for Wooly Wonka Fibers and The Knitting Hutch for knitters who prefer to order the pattern and yarn in kit form. And, as a bit of 'knitterly enabling'...The Knitting Hutch is hosting Lace in the Woods '08, a knitting retreat by the sea in Big Sur, California from June 23rd to the 27th. Anne Hanson will be there, teaching a new design.
My teaching year will end on June 26th, making it nigh on impossible for me even to dream of attending. :(

Waiting for my yarn....

I have ordered my yarn, it's Claudia Silk Lace in Honey -- yummylicious! The pattern and yarn are a kit from The Knitting Hutch, and should be arriving soon.

I plan on knitting the Stole, not the Shawl, but who knows, things like this are always fluid.

Happy Knitting, Suzy

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I finally got to start my Honeybee. I've been very good at the stitch count, but I do get an extra stitch on Row 9 in the second column from the left. I have been taking care of this pest with a k2tog. How does everyone else take care of that random extra stitch?

More info on the blog.

Another New-bee!

Hello everyone!

I am new here, and I have a couple of questions. I am a dyer, so I plan to dye yarn for the Honeybee Stole. I am debating, though, on using fingering weight or laceweight yarn.

I plan to use Knitpicks Bare for my base yarn. I prefer the look of fuller stitches, and this is once of my first (although not *the* first) lace projects I will be doing, although I have knit for some time.

What do you guys think? Since the called for yarn is close to a fingering weight, I am thinking of doing the smaller size stole in a fingering weight yarn, since this would be worn with a coat.

Ideas? Thoughts?

Thank you!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hello from Houston

This is the Bloom Colorway for the Bee Fields Shawl
This is the yarn for the 2nd Forest Canopy

I'm Cheryl and I am a 100% service-connected disabled veteran, and so is my husband Michael we live in the Houston area of TX. Since I no longer work I need to keep busy with all this free time I now have. We share a beautiful home with Sir Angus Seton and Rita our two small dogs. After a 20+ yr. hiatus I picked up knitting again and I am having the greatest time making gifts for others and family. I have taken classes to learn how to do lace knitting (small scarf), cables and also socks I learned how to make them on my own!! I have many projects on many needles to keep me busy and when I get bored with one I can work on another. I am looking to learn how to spin and hope to start classes in the fall. Presently I have the following projects OTN: Spa Sox ~ D. Bliss Cashmerino; Mystery Stole 3 ~ Zephyr Lace yarn in Mahogany w/Czech Glass Beads in Red Rainbow color (pattern put on the shelf for now, 35 rows of MS# frogged and the Zephyr is now destined for the Honey Bee Stole), another Forest Canopy using 1-ply pure wool fingering yarn from Mirari Crafts an eBay store , from a new friend named Marie.
It is a beautiful yarn and the colorway is rich shades of violet, pink and golden yellow. I just finished a shrug for my daughter’s 28th birthday; I used 3 balls of D. Bliss Soho in #9 Red, which is a silk, rayon and cotton yarn, just finished Forest Canopy Shoulder shawl in Vintage Silk Maiden & Louisa Harding’s Grace. I have posted pictures of it on my blog. I also make one of a kind jewelry using sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone beads, and stick markers/row markers. I also make stitch markers using Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystals and other types of beads. The yarn pictured is what I will use for the Bee Fields Shawl. It’s 100% Merino lace weight from Yarn Tree House and the colorway is Bloom. This colorway reminds me of rainbow sherbet colors lol. My DH is going to get the 2 different yarns for me for future projects and also both Bee Feilds & Honey Bee Stole patterns next week, as part of an early birthday present. Well I better get moving time for some herbal tea and knitting. I look forward to making some new friends in this group.

Have a nice evening all,
Cheryl (or my friends call me CW)

no excuse ...

my lovely Addi Lace needles came today, and i wound the buckwheat honey yesterday, so now i can make a start at last. watch this space! ;)

errata update

Anne Hanson posted a new pattern correction yesterday, 8/20/2007. Click on this link to take you there directly or use the link for errata listed in the sidebar.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Introduction and a Question

Just wanted to thank you for inviting me to join you in this KAL. Knitting has been part of my life for a very long time. Lace knitting has become an obsession in the past two years. There isn't a lot of opportunity to wear sweaters here in Central Florida, but sometimes a light wrap is perfect. I have finished the first section and I'm about to start the swarm. I understand you knit the 24 row section twice and then 4 more rows. How do you get to the 54 rows total the instructions say are in this section? What am I missing? I just want to say that the photos everyone have posted are just beautiful.

Susan G

Bee Fields - wonderful knitting fun

I am just loving the knitting of this pattern. I have managed to get the setup section and 42 rows of the Beehive chart completed, even with my sister, 4 month old niece and my sister's dog visiting for a week. I did have a problem when I tried grafting the beginning stitches - I ended up with a very noticeable ridge in that area. Oh well, I managed to unpick the grafting and am working on figuring it out on a swatch before I try it again on the shawl. Here is an updated photo of my shawl in progress.

Bee Fields Shawl - 42 Rows of Beehive Chart
Annmarie, thank you for setting up this kal and for inviting me to join! My yarn, Wooly Wonka in Tupelo Gold, arrived so I'm set to go. But! I am still a tentative lace knitter, so I'm working on Eunny's Print O' the Wave to limber up my needles. I also appreciate reading all of the tips and tricks here. Thanks to all for sharing their know-how as they knit this beautiful shawl!
Busy Bee....

I also participated in MS3 but was so anxious to start Bee Fields. When the final clue was posted on Friday, I wound my skeins in to balls.

I am using handspun kid mohair/merino – I think the color is perfect for this pattern! Last November, my daughter requested a lime green shawl – her favorite color. The fiber was custom-dyed by Susan’s Spinning Bunny and I started spinning it immediately but hadn’t picked a pattern to knit. And then I saw...Bee Fields. The perfect pattern for the yarn!

Here is my progress to date....hope to get in lots of knitting today!

Annmarie, thank you for organizing this knitalong. I love seeing other shawls in progress and the completed ones! They are all stunning!

I will not be ordering the “Honeybee Stole” pattern UNTIL “Bee Fields” is blocking – the stress is just too much ; )