Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Baby Steps

Although I joined this KAL some weeks ago, I didn't want to start a new project until my old ones were done. Well, the old ones are not quite done, but I plunged into Bee Fields this week anyway.

I am using the stash yarn shown, and it seems that I need to knit on size 3 (US) needles. After swatching with different sizes, I looked closely at your pictures and decided that this yarn on size 3s would be best--and it is close to the suggested gauge, but not exact.

I'll be done with the set-up rows tonight and then on to the first section. My winglettes seem a bit small, but I'm expecting they'll be more obvious when blocked.

1 comment:

annmarie said...

Actually, Marjorie, I think your winglets look quite neat and tidy! :)