Saturday, March 15, 2008

new season, new look

With a nod to a new season approaching, I'm shaking up the look of the knitalong blog a bit. Activity here has slowed down, but we do have a new member who has just joined us. She's listed in the sidebar as Wooly Works. Welcome and happy knitting!
As for my 'bee' knitting, since finishing the shawl months ago I haven't been knitting anything remotely bee-related as I spent the last couple of months of 2007 on a self-imposed challenge to finish all projects on needles.
I accomplished that goal and then turned my needles towards heavier-weight projects, but I've been eyeing the Honeybee Stole pattern lately as well as Anne's sock pattern, Marie Antoinette, that has the same bee motifs as the shawl and stole.


margaret in manhattan said...

hi there - I tried the Marie Antoinette socks, and had problems with the instructions - I go to a certain point with the first one, and then the instructions made NO SENSE - I e-mailed Ann Hanson a couple of times, and she didn't respond about my questions - just my two cents! ;o)

anne said...

that's weird; i always respond to emails, particularly those regarding patterns questions, and i almost always answer them within hours of receiving them.

annmarie said...

I'm surprised to hear this since my own experience with Anne has been that she responds to even my most mundane comments on her blog and any questions about the designs have always been answered really quickly! What part of the Marie Antoinette pattern didn't make sense to you? I haven't knitted the socks yet so haven't really studied the written instructions carefully.