Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bee Fields Shawl

Hey, this Woolyworks and I'm new to this blog. I purchased the shawl pattern and have read completely through it--whew! 18 pages of pattern is just a little mind boggling. I've knitted a lot of shawls and yet this one is hard for me to wrap my mind around. I think it's because there's not a large schematic to show me where I start and where I end and the charts are just little snippets of the whole. I'm solidly grounded in geometry and the way this pattern is written makes my knowledge a little useless. OK, so I'll have to learn to knit from text rather than charts, but it can't be rocket science, can it?

I'm sure that when I get past the setup section I'll get a picture of it in my mind, but for now, I'm feeling more than a little lost. That's pretty sad for someone who's been knitting for as long as I have. Maybe this is the challenge that I've needed to get me off of dead center. Let's hope so! Here I go!

I'll be so glad to do socks with all of you knitters. I adore knitting socks and the Honeybee stole looks so exciting. I'm looking forward to more activity on this blog and meeting lots of you as we knit along.


Carrie said...

Don't worry too much about it, just follow the text (or charts) and you'll be fine. The shawl starts at the back of the neck and works outwards to the bottom. The edging is worked as you go. The main lace patterns (for me anyway) started out with the easiest one and got progressively more challenging, so by the time I was worried about what was coming up I'd already invested too much time to go back.

Wooly Works said...

Thanks Carrie. It helps a lot to know where I'm starting and where I'm heading!

annmarie said...

You know, I'm usually a confirmed chart knitter when it comes to lace or color knitting, but for some reason, I got started with the text of the pattern and just stuck with it through the whole shawl. If you run into any problems from the start, check the archives from last summer. A number of kinks got worked out then, such as the bit with the picot edge that had many of us wondering if we'd forgotten how to count! ;) I can't guarantee a whole lot of activity here since it seems that many of the original KALers have finished their shawls and moved on to other things, but there's always bound to be a few of us still knitting the shawl or moving on to the stole or the Marie Antoinette socks (my own next to-do on the 'bee list').

marit said...

I signed up for this kal looong time ago, but haven't started it yet...BUT it is next on my list! I've got the yarn for it too. All there's left is to print the errata list, and cast on! I'll blog about my progress- and I'm looking forward to folowing yours:-)